New multi-network mobile coverage solution

The new MultiNet® bolt-on from Taurus mobile enables your mobile to switch to another network if you lose signal. One SIM gives access to multiple major UK networks, meaning you’ll never lose business due to a lost signal again!

Using Three, the UK’s most reliable network*, as the primary network, and connecting to the strongest alternative network when signal drops, mobile coverage will no longer be an issue.

Features of MultiNet®:

  • Access to multiple networks
  • No more moving around trying to find single network coverage
  • Save money - no need for multiple SIMs
  • Boost productivity - stay connected wherever there is signal available
  • Spend more time working and less time listening to voicemail
  • Enables delivery of superior customer service for your customers

*Rootmetrics UK Network Reliability RootScore Award 2015

Contact us for more details and pricing. Call: 01392 202000 or Email: 

Trials now available: MultiNet Trial

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