Equipment Leasing

Finance leasing provides a cost-effective solution for business

Customer Benefits 

Organic growth is something that all organisations simply can’t afford to put on the back burner. It might come in the form of global expansion into new markets, or on a smaller scale, in the form of a telephone system for the business. Regardless of which, there can be no doubt that the benefits of entering into a lease agreement stand head and shoulders above electing to take money out of the business to finance the goods, in one lump sum.

Leasing provides financially astute companies with the flexibility they require to finance all of their business requirements, which could be from as little as £500 upwards. Try it and you’ll soon come to realise that getting what your company needs today doesn’t have to come at a cost to other parts of the business, or have an adverse effect on your cash flow.

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Leasing equipment can often be a more tax advantageous option to outright purchase – see below for an example:


Equipment Cost: £7,500

Lease Period: 3 Years 

Frequency: Quarterly 

Company's Tax Rate: 21%

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