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Client Hardware

PC's, laptops, tablets and other equipment to provide the best user experience within your business

Taurus provide a full range of IT client hardware including PCs, tablets, thin clients and consumables. Client hardware is at the sharp end of the user experience within your organisation and is often an overlooked component of an infrastructure strategy. It is imperative that the user's client hardware is suitable.

Taurus provide IT consultancy and technical professional services to ensure the right equipment is installed and supported in the right way on a case by case basis.

Our sales and technical teams regularly carry out Microsoft competency qualifications which include the latest from Windows client operating systems and Office applications.

Holding partnerships with industry leading hardware vendors including Dell and HP demonstrates our continued investment as well as assuring our clients that they receive the best technical and strategic IT advice.

Dell and HP produce business level machines suitable for administrative staff, basic configurations, and workstations powerful enough to run more demanding applications.

Whether you are looking at desktop, laptop, tablet or hybrid devices, Taurus are ready to speak to you about your requirements and offer you simple, strategic advice.

See the full Taurus IT offering.

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