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Backup and disaster recovery to prevent disruption and loss of data

The growing demand for consistent, reliable access to corporate data and applications requires a robust infrastructure. In the event of a failure, a backup and disaster recovery strategy needs to be in place to ensure downtime and disruption is kept to a minimum.

Any downtime from system failure or disaster can result in unwanted costs for staff unable to work, lost business, missed deadlines and low morale. In addition to this, many organisations have an obligatory requirement to maintain an archive of historical data.

In order to establish the backup and disaster recovery requirements of an organisation, you must consider the impact and cost of any extended downtime. This will create a clear understanding of the objectives for the strategy required.

Two metrics can be measured to help scope an appropriate backup & disaster recovery solution:

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) = the length of time you can withstand downtime of this particular system in hours

Recovery Point Objective (RPO) = the length of time you have to go back in the event of a recovery / the required frequency of the backups

These objectives can vary considerably depending on the nature of the downtime.

There are a number of backup options available including hosted backups, manual data rotation and fully managed, multi-tier backup services.

Taurus provide consultation and professional services to ensure your backup and disaster recovery objectives are met. Using products from leading vendors such as Quest (formerly Dell Rapid Recovery, formerly AppAssure) and Veeam, our solutions and managed services are cost effective, giving our clients total peace of mind.

Combined with our expertise and qualifications on server infrastructure solutions and managed support, we are perfectly positioned to provide complete ICT consultancy to suit the requirements of your organisation.

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